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Our Customers

Rentshield products offer a wide range of services and benefits that protect you against all the stresses associated with letting out a property.

Our rental insurance services extend to landlords, agents and brokers.


Rentshield products have been designed primarily for landlords, helping them in terms of reducing their risk, supporting their positive cash flow, placing high quality vetted tenants, and providing cover for them should anything go wrong. Our rental property insurance solutions assist in adding value to the landlord’s investment, allowing him to focus on growing his portfolio while we handle all the legwork.

  • 3 months cover for loss of rental
  • 1 months cover for absconding tenant
  • 1 months cover for a vacancy due to early termination
  • 1 months cover for damages
  • 1 months cover for unpaid utilities
  • R50,000 (residential) or R100,000 (commercial) in cover for legal fees for evictions
  • Slow payment solution – claim is paid out within 48 hours
  • No deposit required from tenant (from Rentshield Zero Deposit and for Rentshield Commercial Deposit Protection)
Agency & Agents

Rentshield products work hand-in-hand with agents, allowing them to offer landlords a unique solution, which will assist in their investments reaching their optimum value. Rentshield offers free tenant vetting, taking that expense off of the agency’s shoulders. We step in whenever there is an issue, handling all conflicts with the tenant so that the landlord and agent’s relationship remains good and in tact.

  • No charge for tenant vetting
  • Attract a broader pool of quality tenants
  • Unique selling feature
  • Enjoy longer tenant retention
  • Relationship with landlord remains in tact even in instances where tenants default
  • Your monthly fee is protected even when the tenant defaults and does not pay the monthly rent
  • Protect yours and your landlords income
  • Free Tenant Vetting