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Specialised Rental Insurance. Saving you Money, Time & Effort!

Tailor made insurance solutions for residential and commercial landlords. Let Rentshield take the stress out of leasing! We protect your income stream and help your investment reach its full potential.

Our Residential Products

Our residential insurance solutions are the most innovative on the market and provide the landlord with the most comprehensive cover available.

Revolutionised the Rental Market

We have revolutionised the rental property market and have assisted landlords in protecting their rental income and investments far more than a traditional deposit ever could.

Qualified & Quality Tenants

Rentshield Residential has products for vacant and occupied properties, and works together with a landlord or agent to ensure only quality tenants are placed by providing free tenant vetting.

Increasing Your Property’s Value

Our large range of benefits, and 100% claim payout rate, assist landlords by ensuring their rental income is always paid on time, and in doing so increases their property portfolio value.

Our Commercial Products

Rentshield Commercial provides comprehensive cover for landlords and insures their monthly rental income, and therefore their cash flow, especially in the event of a non-paying tenant. Our products are tailor made and are extremely effective in the ever changing property market. Our products protect landlords in excess of 5 times more than a traditional deposit would.

We take the stress out of leasing so that you can focus on growing your portfolio and wealth!


Our Customers

Rentshield products have been designed for landlords and agents to assist them in getting the most of their property rentals. By using our solutions, landlords and agents can insure their rental income and cash flow, and can have peace of mind knowing that all of the potential stresses that are associated with property leasing will be handled in an effective, efficient manner by Rentshield.

No matter what your history with rentals is, Rentshield can offer you a superior service that will see the value of your investment grow.